Looking for more ways to save on your electric bill? Many energy efficiency programs are available to Marylanders through utility companies and government departments. All these programs have 2 things in common:

  • A qualified contractor or educator will come to your house and install energy saving products free of charge
  • Renters and homeowners are eligible

See how you can take advantage of these programs to lower your monthly utilities bill! 

Important: All the programs described below are free!

Note on BGE's programs: As part of the EmPOWER Maryland legislation, Maryland's five utilities offer many programs to save your home or business energy. Non BGE customers should check with their utility company to learn more. 

Peak Reward: free programmable thermostat and bill credits (BGE)

You will team-up with BGE to reduce the amount of energy used during peak hours.

There are 2 programs available:

Air conditioning program

What you do: Allow BGE to cycle your air conditioning on and off. Different levels of cycling are available for you to choose. The more you allow your air conditioning to be recycled, the more credits you get. However, we do not recommend more than 50% cycling for those who have children, have medical conditions, or are elderly.

What you get 

  • A programmable thermostat will be installed free of charge. This is a great device to help you save energy.
  • Between $100 and $200 in bills credits from June to September

Visit BGE’s website for more on eligibility and how to enroll.

Electric water heater

What you do: Allow the utility company will  install a switch free of charge, enabling it to turn off electricity to participants’ water heater during designated periods.

What you get: between $25 to $50 in bill credits (November through February).

Visit BGE’s website for more on eligibility and how to enroll.

Baltimore Energy Challenge (Baltimore City) 

The Baltimore Energy Challenge offers a free service to all Baltimore City residents to provide energy and water conversation upgrades to the home to help save energy and money. Trained staff and AmeriCorps Energy Educators install a wealth of products and share ACTIONS that can reduce your energy use. Items installed or provided include CFL and LED light bulbs, power strips, low-flow showerheads, faucet aerators, hot water heater wrap, pipe insulation, CO/smoke detector, outlet & light switch gaskets, night light, toilet tank bank, hand crank radio, flashlight, programmable thermostat, and more!

This service is free to all homeowners or tenants who resident in a house or apartment within Baltimore City. Call 443-869-2614 to schedule an appointment today. Check out their flier or website to learn more.

Quick Home Energy Check-up: free CFLS, smart strips, etc. (BGE)

Curious about the energy efficiency of your house hold? Sign up for a free energy audit! Plus, you will also receive 12 CFLs, 4 faucet aerators, 2 efficient flow fixed or handheld showerheads, water heater pipe insulation, a water heater tank wrap, and smart strips at no extra charge. Everyone is eligible for this program so sign up today!

BGE customers can enroll online or call 1-877 685 7377. More information at: http://www.bgesmartenergy.com/residential/quick-home-energy-check