Your utilities bill provides detailed information on what you pay for! There are also billing options like budget billing and changing energy suppliers that you are entitled to as a BGE or PEPCO customer. Browse these following sites to discover how to read your bill and understand your rights as a customer!   

Understanding your Energy Bill

 It can be intimidating when you first look at your energy bill due to the sheer amount of information provided. Play the meet your energy bill game to start reading your electric bill like a pro! For a more detailed explanation review these sample bills from BGE and Pepco.

Smart meters

BGE and PEPCO are currently undertaking a project to replace old meters with digital smart meters. The only major difference with smart meters is that they allow for two-way communication between the meter and the utility company through a wireless network.

This provides many benefits like personalized energy efficiency tips and quicker response times to outages. View this video and information page from the Smart Grid Consumer Collaborative to address some concerns you may have.    

Budget Billing

Utility companies offer alternative billing options that charge a set amount each month. This is done by averaging your 12 most recent electric bills plus any accumulated imbalance. Your utility company will still monitor your actual usage and review your current rate every three month to avoid deficits or overpayments. Any overpayments will be converted with interest to bill credits.

 Remember this billing plan does not save or lose you money. It simply provides a fixed bill each month. Visit BGE or PEPCO for more information.           

Changing Energy Suppliers

 Maryland Law dictates that residents are free to choose who supplies their energy. Local utilities like BGE and PEPCO will still deliver your electricity but it will be produced elsewhere. You will still receive only one energy bill.

Suppliers will compete for your business so it is important to compare prices, check contracts, and ask questions. The Maryland Office of the Attorney General website provides tips for evaluating offers from energy suppliers to ensure the best deals. You can also find up-to-date energy supplier price comparisons from the Maryland Office of People’s Council.

 If you are interested in clean power you might consider joining Groundswell’s next purchase group.