Energy conservation is not just an individual effort since the entire household must be involved in order gain energy savings. Try some of these family activities in order to inspire energy saving behavior and make energy efficiency a family project!

Saving Energy Board Game

 Create your very own energy saving board game with this template from Green Schools Revolution! It’s a great way to bring the family together and reinforce energy saving behaviors.

Energy Hog Scavenger Hunt

Do you live in an energy efficient household or is your house an energy hog? Participate in this energy usage scavenger hunt provided by to find out the energy efficiency of your house.

Online Energy Saving Games

Take family time online with Ollie Saves the Planet and the Unplugged Game! Play these games together to help strengthen energy saving behaviors within your household.

Family energy free nights

Select one day out of the week where your family will participate in energy free activities. Instead of watching TV or playing video games schedule a family biking trip, picnic or even a family board game night. Not only will you save on your energy bill but you will also gain more quality family time!

More Family Activities

The number of ways to get your family involved is limited only by your imagination! Consult this list to think of new ways to make energy saving a family project.